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Fall 2005

The Power and Peril of Pornography
and Sexual Addictions

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Ask The Superintendent — The Dilemma Of Ministers And Sexual Addictions

Interview with Thomas E. Trask

General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask presents a message of hope and healing for those bound by sexual sin.

Old Temptation, New Technology:
Pornography And The Internet In Today’s World

By Patrick J. Carnes

By recognizing there is a pornography problem among the people they serve and among themselves, there is opportunity for pastors to help both their congregations and themselves.

Life After Addiction

By Marvin Smith

Read a personal account of one minister’s struggle with Internet pornography and his path to recovery.

The Sexually Addicted Minister: The Hidden Obsession

By Harry W. Schaumburg

Beneath the anointed preaching and successful ministry pastors are becoming prisoners of their own evil desires.

In The Clutches Of Pornography — The Pathway Of Escape

By Steve Gallagher

Don’t look for gimmicks, superficial solutions, or pain-free alternatives for overcoming sexual addiction. Instead, consider these biblical principles that have worked for many ministers bound by sexual sin.

Why Am I Not Enough?
Shattering Discovery For The Wife Of A Sexually Addicted Minister

By Marnie C. Ferree

The good news is the story does not end with the discovery of a minister’s addiction. There is hope for the wife of a sexually addicted minister.

Porn-Ravaged Hearts: Rebuilding Love Amidst The Ruins

By Brenda Stoeker

Standing in the rubble of her marriage, how can a minister’s wife rebuild love amidst the ruins?

Sexual Wholeness: A Biblical Understanding Of Healthy Sexuality

By Mark Laaser

Pastors will benefit from developing a model of healthy sexuality as they strive to make a difference in their church.

A Body, White As Snow: Leading Your Church Into Sexual Purity

By Fred Stoeker

If pastors expect to have a sexually pure church, they must rethink their course.

Women And Porn: The Unthinkable Becomes Reality

By Kathy Gallagher

How to better protect the women in your church from becoming casualties of a sex-saturated culture.

Sex And Young America: Ministering To Sexually Addicted Youth

By Shannon Ethridge

If teens cannot get rock-solid answers and biblical truth about sexuality from their church, where are they going to get it?

Keeping Home A Sex-Safe Place

By Richard and Renee Durfield

If ministers are to be “wise as serpents,” they cannot assume that God will protect their children in spite of their negligence. Here is some practical advice to keep your home a sex-safe place.

Breaking Pornography’s Grip On Your Community

Interview with Phil Burris, Jerry Kirk, Clyde Miller

How three men helped to take the “sin” out of Cincinnati and how your church can become an agent of change.

Addictions Resource List

Resources from Gospel Publishing House


Ministry Matters

By Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By George O. Wood


Postmodernism And The Church

Being “There” for Each Other: The Church as a “Genuine Community”?

By Stanley J. Grenz

Preaching That Connects

Pentecostal Preaching (Part 4) — The Heart of Annointed Preaching

By Craig Brian Larson

History Is His Story

Asahel Nettleton — The Forgotten Evangelist

By William P. Farley

Reaching Secular Universities

Sacramento State Student Catches Fire

By Rusty Wright

Technology And The Church

Our World is About to Change … Again

By Nick B. Nicholaou

Worship In The Church

Flourishing Like a Tree in the House of God

By Stephen R. Phifer

Financial Concepts

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Rich Theology or Poor Theology (Part 1)

By Randall K. Barton

Growing Godly Men

Second-Step Success

By Andrew D. Templeton


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