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Summer 2005

   Managing Conflict in the Local Church (Part 2)


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Theme Articles

Ask the Superintendent — Meditations on Conflict (Part Two)

Interview with Thomas E. Trask

In this second of a two-part interview, General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask provides practical wisdom to help pastors minimize conflict in the local church.

Weathering the Storms Of Conflict: A Candid and Confidential Conversation With Three Ministry Couples

By Scott Harrup

No one in ministry leadership realistically expects a lifetime of smooth sailing. But what do you do when the storms hit? Learn how three pastors and their families successfully weathered the storms of conflict.

Preemptive Strategies To Reduce Strife: A Study in Organizational and Management Systems

By Richard L. Dresselhaus

Here are preemptive strategies that can turn any conflict into a positive force in the local church and spark renewal among its members?

Church Antagonists: Can’t Live With Them, Can Live Without Them

By Kenneth C. Haugk

Discover the warning signs and how to recognize and handle the antagonists in your church.

Breaking the Cycle Of Conflict

By Gary R. Allen

Does interpersonal strife have you whirling in all directions? Here are the skills you need to reverse the conflict cycle that hinders your church’s ministry.

The Peacemaker Church

Interview with Ken Sande

In the pressure cooker of conflict, how Christian are you? From the president of Peacemaker Ministries, consider this peaceful, biblical approach to resolving conflict.

Managing Strife With Style

By Norman Shawchuck

You can become more effective in responding to conflict by knowing, studying, and practicing these conflict-management styles.

Fight Or Flight — Should I Go Or Stay?

By Terry Raburn

Going or staying, change is unavoidable. Consider some fatherly advice if you don’t know if you should pack it up or pray it through.

Preventing Staff Infection:
A Senior Pastor's View And Associate Pastor’s View

By Wayde I. Goodall and Carl Miller

Ministry issues can cause disagreements and misunderstandings that create conflict among staff. Two pastors share two leadership perspectives on how to effectively managing staff conflict.

Navigating a Minefield — What To Do When You Inherit a Dysfunctional Church

Interview with David Harms and Stanton Williams

What do you do when you inherit a dysfunctional church? Here is the story of two pastors who did and how their churches became vibrant witnesses of Christ’s unifying power.

Growing Through Conflict

By Bill Prather

Instead of destroying you, conflict can be the catalyst for spiritual and relational growth.

Resource List

The Profit And Loss Of Confrontation: A Practical Model For Professional Feedback

By Julie McDonald


Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

Treatment of Subordinate Staff Members: Principles of Spiritual Leadership from the Salutations of Paul

By James D. Hernando

Postmodernism and the Church

What Does It Really Mean To Be Postmodern?

By Stanley J. Grenz

Financial Concepts

The Macedonian Model: Giving By Example

By Randall K. Barton

History Is His Story

Praying Payson of Portland, Maine

By William P. Farley

Reaching Secular Universities

A Famous Psychology Professor Finds Faith

By Rusty Wright

Counselors Corner

What Every Pastor Should Know About Affairs

By Ruth Hetzendorfer

Preaching That Connects: Pentecostal Preaching (Part 3)

Preaching and the Gifts of the Spirit

By Craig Brian Larson

growing godly men

Fulfilling The Great Commission Through Discipleship

By Andrew D. Templeton



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