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Fall 2004

Ministry and Ethics in Crisis

theme articles

Ask the Superintendent

Ethics in Life and Ministry

Interview with Thomas E. Trask

Sage advice on important ethical issues facing ministers in life and ministry.

Ministry and Ethics in Crisis: Implications For 21st-Century Ministers

By Robert J. Young

The importance of the crisis may be seen by asking, “What is at stake for ministry, the church, and the world?”

Ethics and Ministry—Living Above Reproach

Interview with H.B. London

Drawing from his wealth of pastoral experience and his dealings with church leaders from across the nation, Focus on the Family’s H.B. London talks about the value of right ethics and the major ethical issues impacting pastors and congregations.

The Spiritual Formation of the Minister: A Growing Concern

By Richard D. Dobbins

Although Americans are becoming jaded by frequent media exposure of scandalous living among business executives, politicians, entertainers, and sports figures, they are still shocked to discover the frequency with which members of the clergy appear among this infamous group. What is this sad fact saying to us about the paucity of spiritual formation in today’s church leaders?

We Dare Not Fall: Dealing With The Peril Of Clergy Sexual Misconduct

By Stanley J. Grenz

Left unbridled, sexual misconduct in the pastorate will bring disastrous results. It will confirm the skepticism of critics, turn seekers away from the doorway of the church, and leave the faithful disillusioned. What can ministers do to avoid falling prey to temptation’s snare?

Integrity: The Heart Of The Minister’s Personal Life

By James E. Carter

For ministry to be effective and long lasting, care must be taken in the areas of self, family, finances, power, and influence.

The Minister’s Relationships: The Minimum And Maximum Standards

By George O. Wood

For those in ministry, two ethical norms control us: “Do to others what you would have them do to you” (minimum) and “As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (maximum). Here are standards to consider in eight areas of professional relationships.

The Ethics Of Pastoral Practice

By Warren D. Bullock

What are acceptable pastoral practices? At what point have we crossed an ethical line? When the Scripture is not totally clear as to what is right or wrong, how do we know what to do?

A Minister’s Community: Obligations And Opportunities

By Joe E. Trull

Is there a biblical basis for the ethical involvement of ministers in their communities? In light of the teaching of Scripture, should modern disciples withdraw from the arenas of politics and economics by saying the world is too wicked?

The Ethical Responsibilities of Ministers to Social Concerns

By James H. Railey

Each day the news reminds us that we face serious ethical challenges. Will ministers rise to today’s crises with the Word of God? Should they be concerned with social issues? If so, should they focus only on the people in their congregations, or how can they decide which social concern is worthy of their time and financial investment?

A Minister’s Code of Ethics: A Higher Level of Commitment and Conduct

By James A. Reasons

Religious bodies have traditions and unspoken expectations for ministerial behavior. However, few have assimilated these assumptions into a written code of ethics. What is a ministerial code of ethics? Do ministers need a code of ethics? How do ministers compose a code of ethics?

Ministerial Ethics Resource List


Vision For Transformation Update

The College Guide


Ministry Matters

By Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Rick Knoth


Managing Your Ministry

Does Your Church Really Need a Bigger Building?

By Rick Warren

Preaching That Connects

Words That Catch the Wind

By Craig Brian Larson

The Leaders Edge

In the School of Death

By Earl Creps

When Pews Are Few

Growth Comes in Cans

By Wayne M. Warner

The Church & The Chosen People

Fifty Messiahs and Still Waiting

By Ray Gannon

History Is His Story

John Owen: Prince of Puritans

By William P. Farley

Worship In The Church

Stirred by a Noble Theme — The Book of Common Prayer

By Steve Phifer

Financial Concepts

Is Faith or Works Driving Your Ministry?

By Randall K. Barton

Let’s Talk About Islam

The Message With Sensitivity

By Sobhi Malek


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