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Theme: Transforming Men

Summer 2003 - Worship in the Church

Theme Articles

Ask the superintendent—worship in the church
Interview with Thomas E. Trask
Not many subjects inside the church strike up as lively a discussion as worship. Uncover valuable insights on this most important aspect of church life.

The essence of Pentecostal worship
By H. Robert Rhoden
If we define Pentecostal worship as an authentic heart-level expression of love to our Heavenly Father quickened by the Holy Spirit, then worship is a verb rather than a noun.

The power of presence
By Mark Rutland
Public worship, even that which is designed with pharmacological precision, is utterly incapable of manufacturing the one element God never ordered man to produce: The Presence. God alone can supply himself.

Worship the Lord in truth: sing a new song, sing a true song
By Melvin T. Johnson
A fundamental aspect of worship that has not been frequently considered is the theme of worship. We must go back to basics, and the theme of worship is so basic it goes beyond style, culture, and personal preferences.

The role of the senior pastor in worship
By J. Lowell Harrup
How does the pastor define and fill the role of worship leader? Scripture suggests at least four functions of a pastor that can put this goal within reach.

Worship—maintaining unity and experiencing God’s presence
Interview with Geron Davis, Sally Morgenthaler, and George Wood
Music helps us open our hearts to God and helps us reflect on what God has done in our lives. Three individuals with a heart for worship give practical advice on how the church’s worship experience can bring people into God’s presence.

Bridging the generations in worship
By Tom McDonald
The choice of how to minister to multiple generations in worship is a serious dilemma. Is scheduling different worship styles at different times really healthy for a church?

From nursery to adult: the priority of music in the local church
By Don and Loretta Steiger
When used appropriately, Christ-centered music is a source of blessing, strength, and edification for all ages in the body of Christ.

The dynamics of music ministry in a small church
By Jason Salazar
Discover four principles for an effective music ministry in the smaller church.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir—changing lives through music
By Carol Cymbala
The music of a Spirit-led choir can be a powerful tool in God’s hand to lead people to Christ.

Why not drums? the innovator of the church rhythm section speaks
By Ralph Carmichael
There is historical precedent; beating the drum is part of our musical heritage.

On becoming a woman of worship
By Darlene Zschech
So how do you become a woman of worship? It is a process—a journey—and the only baggage allowed on this trip is a heart desperate to connect with the father.

My 50-year journey
By Paul Ferrin with Joy Olson
Sage advice from a seasoned minister of music.


What is Pentecost?
By Paul Lowenberg
How the seven Ps of Pentecost will keep you fresh and growing in your life and ministry.


Ministry matters
By Gary R. Allen

In closing
By Tom McDonald


Theological enrichment
Musical worship—a sacrifice of praise
By Joseph M. Nicholson

Preaching that connects
Literal and figurative illustrations—the power of synergy
By Craig Brian Larson

The church and the chosen people
The ruach, the Jews, and the Pentecostal experience
By Raymond L. Gannon

When pews are few
Sociology and culture of rural communities and churches
By Ralph Adcock

History is his story
Jan Hus, the goose of Bohemia
By William P. Farley

Financial concepts
What is your congregation’s stewardship IQ?
By Randall K. Barton

A view from the pew
The nursery: fairy tale or nightmare?
By Diane Awbrey

For women in ministry
The lust to know and the lust to be right
By Marjorie Crego

College corner
Teachers on divine assignment
By Robert H. Spence


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