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Theme: Transforming Men

Spring 2003 - Transforming Men

Theme Articles

Ask the superintendent–winning and transforming men
Interview with Thomas E. Trask
Living by example–how top leadership is setting the pace for winning and transforming men.

Majoring in men
Interview with Edwin L. Cole and Patrick M. Morley
Two of the most respected authorities in men’s ministry speak out on the importance of majoring in men.

The pastor’s role in men’s ministries (A Call for Pastoral Fathering and Mentoring)
By David A. Garcia
American society as a whole is becoming more and more dysfunctional. The pastor is key to instilling principles into men’s hearts to change them from apathy to involvement.

Creating a Transforming environment for men in the church
By Dan Erickson
Men (whether Christian or non-Christian) need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement. Creating an environment of openness and freedom among men is essential. Transformed male leadership is foundational to God’s cause and is the beginning of ministry to men in the church.

Finding Today’s Men of Issachar
By Dan Schaffer
Leadership must answer the question, "Is building men into godly, mature leaders foundational to the church?"

Transforming your church into a modern-day adullam
By Kirk Hunt
Is your church a modern-day Adullam where deadbeats, troublemakers, losers, and castoffs can be transformed into an elite force of courageous champions for Christ?

Training men for significance
By Charles Brewster
Are you ready to switch from a "pancake breakfast men’s club" to an army of passionate, prepared, and positioned men for Christ?

Building godly men
By Eddie L. Long
The church cannot be all that God has called it to be until men fulfill their God-given roles. The effectiveness of the church rests in getting men to move into their rightful place.

Spiritual being, sexual being–what we worship can be extremely dangerous
By Steve Gallagher
In today’s highly sexualized culture, it is more important than ever that pastors be equipped to help those bound up in habits of sexual sin, and to show them there is a way of escape.

Fathers and sons
By Steve Farrar
If we save our boys, it will influence our entire community and will be the greatest and most fulfilling accomplishment of our lives.


Preaching that transforms: these bones shall live
By Maria Khaleel-Gilleland
Preaching may seem unable to compete with the fast-paced multimedia culture in which we live. However, we have the transforming Word of God and the power of His Holy Spirit to bring life to what we preach.

Preaching to those who misunderstand God
By Phillip H. Barnhart
God was misrepresented to many people in their formative years when theology took shape. Consequently, part of the church’s preaching task is to correct this misunderstanding of God.


Ministry Matters
By Gary R. Allen

In Closing
By Richard L. Schoonover


Word Study
Discipline: A Father’s Responsibility
By Stanley M. Horton

The leaders edge
Finding What’s Important
By T. Ray Rachels

Managing your ministry
Resolving Church Conflict
By Steve Marr

When pews are few
Getting the Most Out of Your Volunteers
By Greg Asimakoupoulos

Worship in the Church
The Spirit at the Center of the Table
By Steve Phifer

Preaching that connects
Crank Up The Volume
By Craig Brian Larson

Counselor’s corner
The Biblical Challenge of Recovery
By Don Allen, Jr.

Clergy, church & law
Is the IRS Targeting Pastors?
By Richard R. Hammar

Financial concepts
Pyramids, Scams, & Schemes: How To Keep Your Flock From Getting Fleeced
By Randall K. Barton

The church & the chosen people
The Jewish Mikveh Rite and Water Baptism
By Ray Gannon

History is His story
John Wyclif–The Morningstar of the Reformation
By William P. Farley

College corner
Whom Are Tomorrow’s Leaders Following Today?
By Robert H. Spence


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