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Spring 2001 - Women: Embracing the Ministry Call

Women: Embracing the Ministry Call

Theme Articles

Ask the Superintendent
A Woman'S Place In Ministry
Interview with Thomas E. Trask
The vital role women have in ministry is evident in this conversation with General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask.

Exploring Why We Think the Way We Do About Women In Ministry
By George O. Wood
Are Pentecostals tinkering with the words of Scripture by permitting the ordination of women and affording them every role in ministry available to men? As Pentecostals, we better have an answer to this question.

Fulfilling the Call: Being A Woman of God In Today'S World
Interview with Sherilyn Benvenuti, Beverly LaHaye, and Carolyn Tennant
Three uniquely qualified and gifted women discuss the issues and challenges of ministry, family, and what it means to be a woman of God in today's world.

Jesus And Women
By Doug Clark
The words accepting, sensitive, and affirming sum up what Luke and the example of Jesus teach us about the MasterØs attitude toward women.

The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me: God'S Validation For Ministry
By Beth Grant
In an ever-changing world of human perspectives on ministry and roles, how is a woman to live out her calling within the context of gender distinctives and culture?

Ripe For Decision: Women-In-Ministry Issues of Century 21
By Deborah M. Gill
What are the questions that each woman in ministry must face in working out her calling and each man in ministry must face in working with his sisters?

Rediscovering the Pioneer Spirit
By Carolyn Tennant
Powerful models emerge from church history of pioneering women who paid the price to see the gospel advanced. Their courageous reaction and unstoppable spirit challenge todayØs women in ministry to rediscover the pioneer spirit.

Obstacles To Knowing God
By Jill Briscoe
Here are five obstacles that can keep a womanØs heart from knowing God better and some encouraging advice for getting it back on track.

Developing Confidence
By Rosalyn Goodall
Learn nine strategies the enemy uses to discourage ministry wives along with nine suggestions for maintaining confidence and achieving GodØs purpose for life and ministry.

Purposeful Proximity—Jesus' Model of Mentoring
By Alicia Britt Chole
How can women who are called to the ministry follow Jesus' mentoring example in a culture where value and productivity are married and where the visible and measurable are applauded?

What's A Ministry Wife To Do?
By Judy Rachels
What is a ministry wife to do with the constant downdraft of activity that preys on her life and ministry? Here is some sound advice from someone who has been there.

How God Calls His People
By Sara Groves
Here are some common misconceptions about the call of God that may keep women from experiencing the joy of GodØs purpose in their lives.


Spiritual Leadership Series (Part 3) Learning To Lead
Interview with Ron F. McManus
This final offering in the Spiritual Leadership Series explores the subject of lifelong learning and its relationship to leadership development.

Single-Adult Ministries Agency
Interview with LeRoy Bartel and Dennis Franck
The coordinator of the new single-adult ministries agency discusses the function of this new office and its significance to churches and to those who minister to singles.


Ministry Matters
By Thomas E. Trask

In Closing
By Deborah M. Gill


Word Study
Rediscovering the Prophetic Role of Women
By Stanley M. Horton

Theological Enrichment
Was Paul For Or Against Women In Ministry?
By Craig S. Keener

Critical concerns
Endtime Revival—Spirit-Led And Spirit-Controlled: A Response To Resolution 16
By the Commission on Doctrinal Purity

Contemporary Issues
By Charles T. Crabtree

Clergy, Church & Law
The Top 10 Legal And Tax Issues For Women In Ministry
By Richard R. Hammar

Managing Your Ministry
Conquering Dandelions: Stress Management For Women In Ministry
By Joann Butrin

Worship In The Church
Sing Unto the Lord An Old Song: the Integral Use of Hymns In Contemporary Worship
By Stephen Phifer

The Leaders Edge
What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
By T. Ray Rachels

Family Matters
Balancing Act In the Parsonage
By Gail Johnsen

Financial Concepts
Ten Retirement-Planning Myths
By Randall K. Barton

Counselors Corner
Ministering To the Abused
By Melody Palm

College Corner
Accreditation: Friend Or Foe?
By Wayne E. Kraiss


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