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Winter 2001 - Youth Ministries

Theme Articles

Ask the Superintendent
—Ministering To Today’s Youth

Interview with Thomas E. Trask
Some heads-up advice for senior pastors and the youth pastors who serve with them.

Capturing the Heart of Millennial Youth
Interview with Jeanne Mayo, Josh McDowell, and Ron Luce
Even amid a hybrid of millennial teens, there still emerges a committed group of young people who are keeping bright the hope of tomorrow’s church.

How To Kill A Youth Ministry (For Senior Pastors Only)
By Eddie V. Rentz
Pastor, are you hindering or empowering your youth leaders?

The Road Map of Mentoring: How To Give Directions To Younger Staff
By Dan M. Reiland
Seven principles of mentoring that will help you shape the lives of your staff for years to come.

A Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry— Becoming A Hero To the Youth of Your Church
By Ron W. Heitman
Youth ministry today must be pastor driven not merely youth-leader driven.

Called To A Cutting-Edge Leadership Strategy
By Jeff P. Kennedy
An effective youth ministry begins with a well-thought-out strategy. Here is one strategy that every youth pastor needs to implement.

Changing the Tags
By Jeanne Mayo
Four relationship-building strategies that will change your youth ministry forever.

Adult Leaders—The Missing Link
By Bret L. Allen
Helping your adult leaders develop a heart to minister.

Students Reaching Students For Christ
Interview with Tom Bachman, Dave Mewbourne, Steve Pulis
Three nationally appointed Youth Alive missionaries discuss campus missions and how teens are impacting their campuses for Christ.

Urban Youth Ministry: Long-Term Invasions Versus Drive-By Outreaches
By Kevin Ramsby
Eight key principles to maximize your long-term effectiveness in urban youth ministry.

What’s A Woman Youth Pastor To Do?
Interview with Brandi C. Dorsett
How being a woman in ministry in a male-dominated profession has impacted one youth pastor’s life.

Speed the Light: A Worthwhile Idea
By Tom W. Greene
The greatest aspect of this worthwhile idea may not be what it provides for the missionaries, but for the students themselves.

Aim–Missions Opportunities For Young People
By Mark F. McGrath
Is there a future missionary sitting in your youth group? How AIM exposes young people to the reality of the world around them.


Pastoral Longevity
By James K. Bridges
The lack of pastoral longevity in the early days of the Fellowship may have been due to the major emphasis on revival with lesser emphasis on conserving the results.

Spiritual Leadership Series (Part 2) Challenges To Spiritual Leadership
Interview with Ron F. McManus
In this second of three interviews, the president of EQUIP Ministries discusses some of the challenges of spiritual leadership.

Prayer Changes Everything
By Donald R. Spradling
The paradigm on prayer in Luke 9 reveals three things about prayer that will change your life.

The Equation of Pentecost
By Randy L. Valimont
What is the formula for growing a Pentecostal church? Here is the story of how one church in Griffin, Georgia, solved the equation.

The Commission On Evangelism: Fulfilling the Great Command
Interview with Thomas E. Trask and Randy Hurst
Two leaders discuss how the newly formed Commission on Evangelism will assist local churches in fulfilling the Great Command.


Ministry Matters
By Thomas E. Trask

In Closing
By Eddie V. Rentz


Word Study
Youth That Are Choice
By Stanley M. Horton

Worship in the church
How To Bridge the Gap of Worship Between Generations
By Brenda A. Rasmussen

We Build People
Christian Education And Millennial Teens–A Case For Beefing Up Your Teaching Ministry
By Carey B. Huffman

For Women in Ministry
The Pastor’S Wife And Her Role In Ministry
By Jana Jones

Managing Your Ministry
How To Destroy A Christian
By Scotty Gibbons

Counselors Corner
Working Through Loss: the Nature of Grief And the Tasks of Mourning
By Fred T. Darbonne

Contemporary issues
Cybersex And the Church
By Alan W. Aram

Financial Concepts
Marketplace Mania
By Randall K. Barton

Family Matters
A Winning Pace: How To Balance Family Life With Ministry Demands
By Phil J. Rasmussen

College Corner
Spiritual Formation
By Wayne E. Kraiss

Focus on America
Encouraging Our Youth To Serve God
By Charles E. Hackett


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